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Mangal Panda Graphic T-Shirt White Color

Mangal Panda Graphic T-Shirt White Color

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Who said Pandas can just be cute? On this graphic printed tshirt the panda looks pretty serious! Are you someone who can match its vibe? Surely then this graphic tshirt is for you. Wear it in style and show them all that you are more than just cute with this graphic tee.


The graphic is printed on a white T-Shirt. Sizes - Small - 36in, Medium - 38in, Large - 40in, XL - 42in


The graphics depicted do not have any relation with anybody living or dead.

It is just a pure creative representation of what it depicts, and has no hidden pun or meaning.

All characters appearing in our graphics are fictitious.

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

We do not intend to defame, hurt, or sensitize the religious sentiments or personal/community beliefs of an individual or group.

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