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Lambu Motu Green Tshirt

Lambu Motu Green Tshirt

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A bank is robbed, robbers vanish, leaving no clue. A serial killer is on loose. He may be a guy living next door. A con-man is operating in the city without any fear of being caught. Police is baffled, pressure mounts. Enter the detective-duo LAMBU-MOTU and solve the case with their unmatched brilliance and courage. This is an exclusive collection of Lambu Motu Tshirts.

The T-Shirts are made of 100% pure premium cotton biowashed and softened. A unique fusion technique is used to create the design print which is ideal for work, leisure or workouts. Affordable, fast fashion - that is what Styched is and will always remain.

Sizes - Small - 36in, Medium - 38in, Large - 40in, XL - 42in
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