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The Case of Fast Fashion and Indian Millennials

The Case of Fast Fashion and Indian Millennials
The Millennials are undoubtedly the most powerful consume group in the Indian fashion industry. They are the trendsetters and they dominate the street style arena with utter disregard to glossy magazine covers, the trend bandwagon or the runways.

Undoubtedly, the Millennials have a powerful influence on the fashion industry, and their adoration for budget-friendly fashion grains, quick fixes and opportunities to buy t-shirts on discount has helped the market for fast fashion to flourish. Indian Millennials between the ages 18 to 35 are now opening up towards the idea of saving for life-changing experiences, travelling and buying a house as opposed to wearing luxury brands and heavy jewels.

Millennials Shop Online
While they are studying through university life, and navigating their way through the early years of their career, the Millennials prefer flaunting the trendiest look without spending a bucket-load of money. The internet shopping boom has made a significant influence on their life, and they seek to hunt down value-added fashion bargains that provide them both, quality and quantity.

Online fashion retailers have dedicated their marketing and pricing campaigns around the lifestyles of the Millennials. Strategies that aim to woo them away and persuade them to buy shirts online usually revolve around endorsing cheap fashion, buying convenience, financial rewards, special offers, discounts and social media influencer packages.

Flooded with Variety
The market for fast fashion and high-street apparel is consistently on the rise, and the market has now opened up to receive an abundance of new comers on the scene. The Millennial apparel market with brimming with variety to buy contemporary t-shirts, dresses, accessories and a lot more.

The preferences of the Indian Millennial have forced high-street fashion brands and fast fashion labels to shift their strategies towards creating trendy streetwear apparel, setting cheaper prices, and instantly updated collection that allow their major consumer group to buy something new and trendy every other week.

Trendsetters not Followers!
It is important to understand that the Millennials endorse a lifestyle of glamour that is original and sustainable. They are not interested in imitating catwalk statements or celebrity red carpet looks. Instead, they seek to endorse their own sense of style and validate their originality with a loud and distinctive look. They seek to invest in timeless trends that are versatile and do not break the bank!

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