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Polo T-shirts for Men

The summer staple in every man’s wardrobe are Polo t-shirts. These stylish t-shirts are collared allowing it to be for multiple use. They are the perfect blend between casual & semi -formal wear for men. Team them up with chinos, or casual trousers or even formal pants and they will never disappoint. They are versatile for every occasion and are also diversified with multiple styles and fits. Polos are unabashedly best suited for all body types as well. The trend started with Golf and now has made its way into everyone’s must-have clothing.

Polos for Office or Leisure

Whether it’s a big meeting or even an informal gathering at work, Polo t-shirts never cease to impress. The polos can be seen in various cuts and fits as well. For workwear, one can opt for a formal fit and no pocket polo in somber colors. Similarly, polos are a great substitute for the round neck t-shirt for semi-formal or even informal events. They look great for day wear paired with casual pants and are available in multiple bright colours as well.

Styling with Polos

Polo t-shirts look extremely dapper with casual fits like Chinos and even cargo-pants. They are multi-dimensional in the field of multiple styling options. Polos also are a great pair with knee-shorts as well in the summer. They can be paired with bright shorts or even formals. The best thing about this style staple is its ability to suit any occasion wear and give the perfect fit and look to any outfit. Nowadays, one can buy polo t-shirts almost easily as they are a standard style in every brand and wardrobe.

Unique Prints on Polos- The New Swag

The latest trend to hit the streets are adding new or customized prints on Polo t-shirts. The prints are smartly placed either on the sleeve, or near the upper crest of the t-shirt giving it a more casual and cool look. Some interesting prints include slogans, symbols and even abstract graphics. This style is gaining popularity with great momentum these days and is the trend to look forward to for the coming season.