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Style yourself with those comfortable joggers

Joggers are gaining popularity as a major fashion trend among men and women in recent times. These stylish pants with an elastic waistband and elastic around the ankles have finally announced their arrival. Finally, there is some competition for the eternal pair of jeans. These pants that were till recently categorised under leisurewear are finally taking the centre stage. Flaunted by celebrities and models, these joggers can give you a cool and stylish look. They can be worn on all causal and semi formal occasions. Here is how to style yourself in comfortable joggers to make a fashion statement.

Go for a total casual look

Being ankle length, joggers are perfect garments to adopt a causal look anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to make much effort to get a casual look with your joggers as you can simply don a round neck T-shirt over your joggers and wear flip flops or sneakers to complete the attire. You can also wear graphic tees with your joggers though any addition of an outerwear will mar your casual look.

Combine with sweatshirt to get a suave look

The best way to make a style stamen in front of your friends is to combine your joggers with a sweatshirt. This attire enhances your personality if you have a muscular body and hit the gym for workout sessions. There is no rule as far as choice of sweatshirt is concerned as you can go for the same colour or a contrasting colour. Also, you can wear a round neck sweatshirt or wear one with a hoodie. Some guys wear sweatshirt with a full zipper and look awesome with their joggers.

Joggers with a denim jacket

This is a great way to enhance your personality and look suave during the evenings. You can easily wear a short denim jacket over your round neck t-shirt on joggers. Denim jacket can add value and versatility to your attire and give a very attractive look to you when moving out of your home. Jacket with joggers gives you a casual smart appearance without making any effort.

Complete attire

Wearing your joggers with a sweatshirt and an outerwear like a jacket makes your attire complete and you are ready to move out with confidence. There is no need to think you are overdoing it as celebrities have worn joggers in place of jeans and trousers to grace events in public.

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