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Indian Style Radar: What are the Hottest Youth Fashion Trends to Rock in 2019?

Indian Style Radar: What are the Hottest Youth Fashion Trends to Rock in 2019?
Youthful fashion trends are all about flaunting an energy that is playful, flirtatious and marinated in mischief. We’ve created an exciting roundup of must-have youth fashion trends that are all the rage in India.

Here, take a look:

Graphic & Loud
Graphic t-shirts are a timeless fashion trend from the raging 90s, and they are always trending hot on the fashion radar. This year, youth fashion trends in India are dominated with loud color palettes, graphic art and thick notes of ink that mark quirky one-liners and sassy phrases. Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to standing out with a bold streetwear look that resonates waves of confidence, it simply doesn’t get any hotter than a basic and simple graphic t-shirt. So, buy graphic t-shirts online and give your wardrobe a jolt of trendy pop culture-inspired apparel.

Sparkles & Sequins
Glitter has emerged as the hottest fashion trend to flaunt this year, and we adore how its ravishing glamour allows us to stand out and feel like our absolute best self. Be it a floor-grazing sequined gown, a sassy glittery tie, statement chandelier earrings, or even a sharply tailored sequined jumpsuit. ‘Tis the season to shine bright and bold!

Pop Culture References
Be it a funky Breaking Bad t-shirt or a sexy superman logo tee, pop culture references are all the rage in youth fashion, and these are the perfect items to add a pop of energy to your outfit. If you hate boring clothes and seek to funk up your look with pop culture-inspired art, go ahead and buy funky t-shirts that make you feel energetic and playful.

Work those Stripes!
A trend that works splendidly well for both, the girls and the boys: stripes. Be it horizontal or vertical, stripes are all the rage in 2019 and this is a timeless fashion trend that you can flaunt in your casual and formal apparel.

Athleisure Apparel
Athleisure has invaded the youth fashion radar like no other trend! This season is all about sharply tailored sweatpants, fitted yoga pants, and sassy workout tops that highlight your abs. The best part is, athleisure apparel is no longer limited to the gym or your yoga class, this year, you get to flaunt your active wear anywhere and everywhere. Be it for a random grocery trip, a coffee date with your girls, or even a day of attending lecture after lecture. We strongly urge you to buy workout t-shirts that are bright and bold!

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