Fabric Care

Styched is built to last. With a little care, this beast of a fabric can take any usage you put it through!

Gentle wash with Cold water

Cotton shrinks to some extent in hot water. You should hand wash your Styched T-Shirts in cold water and use less harsh wash modes on your washing machine. Turn the garment inside out before washing.

DO NOT soak the tee for more than 15 mins. Do not brush the tee. Do not rigor the print area of the tee while washing.

Dry in Shade

Direct Sunlight make dyes (used to color the fabric or for the graphics) to wear off and become dull. It is better to dry the Styched T-Shirts in the shade and reverse the tee inside out.

Temperature for Ironing

Iron in low to medium heat to increase the life of Graphics printed or Vinyl pasted on the T-Shirts. Also Cotton gets very moody under hot iron! Never iron over the print or the graphics. The best way to iron would be to reverse the T-Shirts and iron from the inside. Avoid the print areas as much as possible. Let the cool graphics remain cold :)

Avoid Dry Cleaning

Chemicals are harsh on any fabrics. Bleaching and dry cleaning are bad and too intense for the Styched Tees. Lets just go for the ordinary water wash, shall we?