Collection: Suraj Mani The Tattva Trip

A musician par excellence Suraj is a not just a rock poet, he is also part philosopher and all heart. Something that shines through in each word of every song, all of which are a labor of love and offered up in complete honesty.

Lovingly called 'The Singing Sensei', by his fans, for his body of work with the legendary Indian band Motherjane*, Suraj takes us on a fresh new journey that showcases his prowess as one of India's finest - poet & songwriter.

Do yourselves a favour and savour this wordsmith's musings in entirety, because they shine, bright and lustrous in your mind, long after the last note fades out.

And that’s why it's Art - pure, unpretentious and unrepentant.

Best Rock Vocalist in Asia –AVIMA 2010 the World’s Largest Indie Awards
Best Singer -The Jack Daniels Rock Awards 08-09
Best Singer/Songwriter -The Leon Ireland Award 08-09
Best Rock Album 2002- ‘Insane Biography’ Unwind Awards
Best Rock Album 2008-’Maktub’ Rolling Stone Magazine, Unwind Awards
Best Album Art - The Tattva Trip - The Jack Daniel Rock Awards 2014

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