Collection: Obliterating Vortex

Obliterating Vortex is a four piece technical death metal band from queen of the hills Darjeeling. OV has Sailu Rasaily on vocals and guitars, Aditya Darnal on guitars, Brison Baraily on drums and Abhishek Moktan on Bass. The music as convulating as the name itself - but then for afficianodos of the metal music scene, as well as the particular genre they play, this is a compliment, and not the other way round !
OV also cite bands like Martyr (canada), Qua Vadis (canada), Necrophagist, Cannibal Corpse, Obscura, Obituary, Suffocation, etc as influences when asked. Metalheads surely will not be disappointed upon checking their material - if you're into soundscape with off time signatures, gargantuan riffs hard to decipher easily, and growls from the bowels of the earth as vocals, played at blistering tempos, you've come to the right place.

Released their EP (Machineurotic) album on 2012 with four of their tracks which was 

1. Butcher Fest
2. Fatalist Nihilist
3. The Protestant
4. Mrityu ko Chitkaar(lyrics by Aabeg Gautam from Dying out Flame(Nepal) and Purtenance (Finland)

Released their single Fractal Perceptions Rectified Via Rolling Stones India in 2019.