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Chic summer tees trends for 2019

Spring is upon us and most men and women are waiting for the time when they will be able to wear the favourite T-shirts under the sun. Tees are the staple garments in the wardrobes of all men and women. These lightweight garments are used not just to feel comfortable and relaxed but also to look fashionable and trendy. Here are some of the dominate tees trends predicted for summer 2019.

Designs carrying bird elements

Birds have forever been used to signify mystery, elegance, nature, peace, and many other attributes valued highly by mankind. This year, bird element will be a major fashion trend in chic tees with abstract figures reflecting fantasy themes. These tees will bhe popular among boys as well as girls.

Text aligned to the side

is another interesting trend in the tees that will be seen in summer 2019. This trend is more suitable for designs that are text based. In such T-shirts, it is possible to align the text either on the left or the right side of the design to give a very attractive and interesting look. It helps in emphasizing the design. It can also be used for text only T-shirts to present an asymmetry that is very appealing.

By the sea look

This is another fashion trend in the world of tees that will be seen among men and women. Colourful and playful figures of fish and other sea creatures on tees will give them a very bright and vibrant look. One will see not only stylized sea creatures but also funny cartoons involving these creatures on T-shirts this summer.

Tie & Die will be back

Tie & Die prints will be back in fashion trend in 2019 and these prints will be seen not just on T-shirts but also jackets, skirts, and tops. This trend started in fall 2018 but it will become a hot trend during summer 2019. You would do well to stock a few tie & die T-shirts in your wardrobe to look stylish and fashionable this summer.

3D and typography

This is an attractive and interesting design trend that will be popular in the world of T-shirts. The text and designs made on T-shirts will appear as if they are ready to pop out to catch the attention of the onlookers. It is not just the graphics but also the text that will be printed in 3D in this fashion trend.
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