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Athleisure: What is it all about & Why does the Demand Continue to Rise?

Athleisure: What is it all about & Why does the Demand Continue to Rise?
Athleisure is not just a clothing trend or a series of workout gear-it is in fact a state of mind, and a personal sense of style that resonates perfectly with the energetic and active nation of the Millennials. It is a fashion statement of the youth who like to stay active and energetic, and rock fashion statements that signify a loud dose of energy with fitted tailoring, loud color palettes and trends that highlight their finely toned form.

Athleisure inspired clothing is all around us-it has truly changed how we dress up for the gym and head out for our yoga classes. The athleisure trend has even altered our style mantras for work and streetwear.

What is Athleisure all about?
More than anything else, the raging trend of athleisure apparel is about looking sharp and active with an on-the-go energy that allows you to multitask your way through the day with an endless drive. It is a fashion trend that symbolizes a lifestyle of active comfort and endless energy so you can dive into your daily chores with a sassy and determined state of mind.

Basically, this trend first emerged on the streets of New York as a juxtaposed amalgamation of hip hop street trends and active wear apparel. It is a fashion trend that is created to highlight your athletic form and make you look energetic without the need for any technical gear or function that would make your outfit inappropriate for work or any other occasion.

Athleisure apparel is all about flaunting high-performance active wear and fitted technical clothing staples that highlight your athletic charm and are elaborate enough to flaunt in the day. Fashion trends that emphasize the athletic look are all the rage on the fashion radar. Men and women are urged to buy contemporary graphic t-shirts online, quirky elements like zippers and seams, styles that are fitted enough to flatter their curves, and outfits that can carry from to the gym and back to the street without any outfit change.

The Surging Demand of Athleisure Apparel
Designers are constantly flooding the market with trends and styles that urge you to buy contemporary t-shirts, high functional clothing and gym wear in resilient sweat-free fabrics. It is simply because the demand for athleisure is constantly on the rise due to its increased functionality. Be it a man or a woman-we all like to hit the streets after a grueling workout session at the gym, and join our friends for brunch without having to worry about sweaty clothes.
Athleisure fabrics and wicked sweat apparel make sure you are always looking flatteringly fresh, energetic and on-the-go!

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