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Affordable T-shirt trends in India

T-shirt is very comfortable apparel used by both men and women in India. Though not a traditional Indian garment, T-shirts have been embraced by Indians with love both because it is comfortable and convenient and because it suits India’s warm weather conditions round the year. T-shirts were introduced by British in India at the start of the 20th century. Since then, and especially after independence, T-shirts have become more and more popular among the youth of the country. One can easily buy printed T-shirts wherever he is across India.

T-shirt is apparel that can be worn on all occasions that are of a casual and semi formal nature. They give a sense of fashion and casual comfort to men and women. Like the rest of the world, wardrobes of most people are undergoing a transition from formal clothing items to garments that are comfortable and functional. T-shirts are not just comfortable, but they also give a superior feel to the user. Being very affordable, T-shirts are used not just by the rich but also the common people living in cities and the countryside.

Barring some big brands, most of the T-shirts sold in India are inexpensive and they can be easily afforded by the masses. In fact, the T-shirt market in India is so big that there exist many segments form the very expensive to the most inexpensive T-shirts. This T-shirt market is believed to be worth more than Rs 20000 crores. It consists of not just the traditional round neck T-shirts but also collar T-shirts, full sleeved T-shirts, knitted T-shirts and knitted tops and kurtis for women. You can buy graphic tees offline as well as online in India today.

There is huge demand for T-shirts in India. It is the non-branded T-shirt segment that is registering a very high growth based upon this demand from the consumers. Indian youth looks for style and comfort that is very much possible for the manufactures. India being a major hub of hosiery products, it is not a surprise that there are thousands of manufacturers of cheap and fashionable T-shirts for men as well as women. Also, copies of products introduced by western brands in India are made by many companies that sell in large numbers in small cities and the rural parts of the country.

Printing technology being easily available to manufactures means it is possible for them to create inexpensive imitations of the designs introduced by big brands. Also, online stores selling T-shirts has also led to the huge popularity of T-shirts in all parts of the country.

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